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Do as the Finns and Russians do — discover the sauna culture of these countries in three authentic sauna huts.

According to the Finns, saunas have to be dry. In the earth sauna you can experience the original Finnish sauna. The carefully crafted log cabin, made of pine logs and built half into the ground, has a stone stove inside in which a fire is constantly crackling.

The fire sauna, a hexagon-shaped log cabin made of Finnish polar pine has a giant open fireplace covered with glass. It has space for 24 who can sweat and relax under the spell of the flickering fire.

The Russians too have a tradition of bathing that goes back centuries. The Banya is a Russian bathing room where entire families talk, are cleansed and kept healthy. The authentic log cabin in sole uno comes from Siberia and can hold 50 people comfortably, providing an impressive sauna experience. At 70 to 80 °C it is not as hot as the Finnish sauna and the air humidity is much higher. The 'wenik infusions' (13.30, 15.30, 17.30 and 19.30) involve a lot of water containing birch twigs (weniks) being put on the stove and then the steam being spread through vertical fronds. The birch aroma leaves a pleasant, natural small.

In addition to regular sauna operation, authentic "birch rituals" are offered once a week for 4 to 12 persons.

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