Parkresort Rheinfelden

sole unoSalinaPark-Hotel am Rhein


Inner area

The sauna facility sole uno has a Finnish sauna inside, a steam bath, foot-warming pools and a large cool-off area with plunge pool as well as numerous rest and relax areas.

The Finnish sauna has a temperature of 90 °C and relative air humidity of 5 - 10 %, to make the air temperature easier to bear. 

In the bio sauna, which has a moderate temperature of about 55°C and pleasant humidity, the body perspires gradually and gently.

There is a completely different atmosphere in the steam bath. Not so hot and a much higher air humidity (45 °C, 100 % air humidity). The hot steam is particularly healthy if you have respiratory problems. If beautiful skin is important to you, then you will hold the damp heat of the steam bath in high regard too. It stimulates circulation, cleanses and revitalises skin.

Here is an overview of our sauna infusions and highlights (in German).

After so much heat, the body needs cool again. Take a deep breath of fresh air in the outside area and then cool off in the cold water. Practised sauna goers are not afraid to enter the plunge pool.

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