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Rheinfelden Natursole®

The natural or primaeval saltwater, one of the strongest in Europe, is pumped out from depths of 200 metres from Rheinfelden Riburg salt works and is delivered to Parkresort Rheinfelden directly. There it is mixed with the calcium and magnesium-rich Rheinfelden drinking water and heated to 33–36 °C. This is how it brings out its well-known healing and feel-good effects.

Presence in Parkresort Rheinfelden

Sole uno wellness world:The ratio in the Outdoor and Indoor pool is approx. 1:10 (corresponds to Mediterranean Sea water with 3 % salt content). The salt content in the Intensiv saltwater pool is about
12 %. In the saltwater integration grotto saltwater is sprayed out through salt works. The inhalation of saltwater steam (approx. 20% salt content) has a cleansing, normalising and regenerative effect on the respiratory system.

Mode of action:

Rheinfelden Natursole® loosens up cramped, painful muscle groups, stimulates circulation, improves joint and spine function, promotes breathing and positively influences disorders of the vegetative nervous system whilst the patient is bathing and swimming. It aids the skin metabolism in a way that can be measured.

Rheinfelden Natursole® is an officially protected trademark and should not be confused with regular cooking salt or artificial salt baths.

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