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Bathing regulations

I. General

  1. These bathing regulations are compulsory for all guests who spend time in the buildings and facilities of Bad Rheinfelden AG, in particular the sole uno wellness world. Upon entering the facility guests recognise these bathing regulations as well as all other orders which serve to maintain order and safety. The personnel employed by Bad Rheinfelden AG is authorised to add to the regulations on use of the facilities at any time in response to local circumstances. Use of the facilities could be limited in part or in full for technical, safety, weather or organisational reasons. This does not entitle the guest to his admission being reimbursed.
  2. Guests must refrain from everything that offends common decency and does not serve to maintain safety, peace and quiet, order and cleanliness.
  3. The facilities must be treated with care. In the case of misuse, culpable contamination, damage or loss of objects rented, the guest is liable for the damage thus caused.
  4. Lockers must be left clean and locked after use.
  5. Lockers for guests' personal effects must be locked by the guests themselves and wristbands must be worn on the arm during the visit. Attention is drawn to III with regard to liability.
  6. The baths may only be used following a thorough wash.
  7. The use of soap and other body cleaning agents outside the shower areas is prohibited.
  8. You are not permitted to enter bare-foot areas and shower rooms with outdoor shoes.
  9. You are only permitted to wear regular swimwear in the bathing facility and particularly in the wet area. Long swimwear is not permitted (longer than the knee and elbow).
  10. We recommend wearing anti-slip bathing shoes.
  11. Jumping in the bathing pool or throwing or pushing others or objects into the pools is prohibited.
  12. Reserving sunbeds with towels or any other bathing accessories is prohibited.
  13. Fragile containers and objects e.g. made of glass, ceramics or porcelain are not permitted to be used in the wellness world (exception: Bistro Vista Sol and the wooden deck terrace in the bathing facility).
  14. The use of swimming and diving devices and all toys such as balls, inflatable objects, etc. is prohibited.
  15. The consumption of food and drink brought to the premises is not allowed.
  16. Smoking is prohibited, exception: terrace of Bistro Visa Sol.
  17. For hygienic reasons, shaving, pedicures and manicures are prohibited.
  18. The use of mobile telephones, cameras and film cameras is prohibited. Listening to music with players brought to the premises is only permitted with earphones.
  19. Lost property must be handed to employees of the sole uno wellness world. Lost property is handled in accordance with legal provisions.
  20. Guests are entitled to use one white bathing towel and one blue sauna towel per admission.

II. Opening hours, admission and prices

  1. The opening hours and prices for visiting the sole uno wellness world and the services available there can be found in the publications of Bad Rheinfelden AG, in particular the respective notice, internet site or flyer. If in doubt, the current information at applies. Opening hours can be reduced without this resulting in claims against Bad Rheinfelden AG.
  2. Final admission is 120 minutes before the opening hour ends. Bathing and sauna end 30 minutes before the opening hour ends. If the bathing and sauna time cannot be fully used, guests are not entitled to have their admission fee reimbursed.
  3. The bathing time is limited and begins upon going through the turnstile. If the bathing time is exceeded, a supplementary payment has to be made.
  4. Tickets for admission that have been redeemed cannot be taken back. If tickets for admission are lost, a replacement is not provided. A fee of CHF 10 has to be paid if the admission ticket is lost (replacement costs). If individual facilities or services are not available for a time, the guest is not entitled to a reduction in price or reimbursement of the admission price or a proportion of it.
  5. Subscriptions of 10 tickets are valid for two years from date of issue.
  6. There is a credit stored on the entrance tickets (except for children’s tickets and school groups) to facilitate cash-free payments.
    If the entrance ticket, transponder bracelet or receipt are lost, the guest must pay CHF 50.00 (amount of the credit).
  7. Reserved services which have not been bought in advance, such as massages, have to be paid at the spa desk at least half an hour before they commence. Otherwise the appointments could be given to someone else. There is no entitlement to an alternative appointment.
  8. Reservations of services (e.g. massages, birch rituals, etc.) are binding. You can withdraw by cancelling in advance. Cancellations need to be made at least 24 hours before the appointment, otherwise 50% of the service which has been made available will be charged. If an appointment is missed, the full cost becomes due; or if any money has already been paid, it is not reimbursed.
  9. Gift vouchers for services of Bad Rheinfelden AG: If there is a price increase between the point in time a gift voucher was bought and the point in time it is redeemed, then the difference has to be paid upon redemption of the gift voucher. This does not apply in the first year after purchase of the gift voucher. The equivalent amount of the gift voucher can be used for any other service. If the equivalent amount of the gift voucher is lower than the price for the service selected or good to be purchased, then the value of the gift voucher goes towards paying for the good or service. If the equivalent amount of the gift voucher is larger than the price for the service selected or the good to be purchased, then the remaining equivalent amount of the gift voucher, under CHF 5.00, is paid out if the customer wishes. If the equivalent value is greater than CHF 5.00 then it will be transferred to a new gift voucher upon request.
  10. The personnel of Bad Rheinfelden AG implement the house regulations in respect of guests. Guests who infringe the bathing regulations or the instructions of the personnel of Bad Rheinfelden AG could be expelled from the sole uno wellness world. Guests can be prohibited from entering the facilities of Bad Rheinfelden AG for a certain period of time or permanently. Their admission price is not refunded.
  11. Admission to the sole uno wellness world is prohibited to:
    a. persons who are under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
    b. persons who have animals with them.
    c. persons who suffer from a contagious illness.
  12. Persons who have heart or circulatory complaints as well as pregnant women should consult their doctor before using the sole uno wellness world.
  13. Entry for persons who cannot walk, dress and undress or get into the baths without third-party help is only permitted if they are accompanied. The personnel on site will decide if the accompanying person is suitable.
  14. Children up until the age four are not permitted, from the age of four until their fourteenth birthday they must be accompanied by an adult. Children and youths up until their fourteenth birthday are not allowed into the sauna facilities of the sole uno wellness world. Individual offers (e.g. massages) are only given to adults.
  15. Seniors are considered to be women from their 64th birthday and men from their 65th birthday. This age restriction concerns the concessionary prices for seniors.

III. Liability

  1. Guests use the sole uno wellness world at their own risk without prejudice to the obligation of Bad Rheinfelden AG to maintain all the facilities in a safe condition.
  2. Bad Rheinfelden AG cannot be held liable for the destruction, damage or loss of objects brought onto the facilities. This also applies to objects placed inside cloakrooms or lockers.
  3. Nor can liability be assumed for valuable items and cash left in lockers. Guests are advised not to take valuable items with them.
  4. Guests should realise that saltwater and drinking water and high temperatures can lead to materials being altered. Therefore, no liability can be assumed for, in particular, glasses, watches, jewellery and swimwear the guest has on him.
  5. Parents are liable for their children.

IV. Additional provisions on the use of the sauna area

  1. The entire sauna facility is a nude area. It may only be used by nude persons.
  2. A sufficiently large bathing towel must be used in the saunas to sit or lie on to avoid soiling the benches and sunbeds.
  3. The steam bath has to be used without a bathing towel due to the high level of air humidity. The place sat on must be cleaned with a water hose beforehand and afterwards.
  4. The plunge pool may only be used after showering thoroughly beforehand.
  5. All saunas have to be entered barefoot.
  6. It is prohibited to bring bags, rucksacks or similar containers.
  7. Due to the special situation of the naked area, proper behaviour of the sauna guests is indispensable, particularly the obligation to keep quiet.
  8. Sauna scents will be added by the personnel alone.

V. Additional terms on the use of the Massage Lounge

  1. The services in the Massage Lounge are only offered to persons of 18 years of age or over.
  2. If you suffer from any health problems please first consult your doctor. Please inform the masseur if certain areas of your body should not be treated or if there is anything else that should be taken into consideration.
  3. Massages cannot be given to pregnant women due to possible complications. Women whose pregnancy is not evident to us are treated at their own risk.
  4. The drinks provided must be consumed in the massage lounge. They are not permitted to be taken into other areas.

VI. Exceptions

  1. The bathing regulations apply to general operation. In the case of special events, deviations can be made from these bathing regulations without a special deregulation occurring.
  2. Bad Rheinfelden AG reserves the right to change these bathing regulations at any time.

Bad Rheinfelden AG, April 2013

We wish all guests a pleasant and restorative stay at the wellness world sole uno.

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