Parkresort Rheinfelden

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Themed showers

Enjoy a refreshingly cool shower under the Alpine waterfalls. Choosing between the 3.5 m powerful waterfall or the much gentler cascading waterfall is ultimately a case of personal preference. Powerful, massive natural stone slabs from original Grisons rock combined with light, mist, aroma and acoustic effects make for an impressive natural experience.

It is agreeably warm in the tropical rain which you approach through flowing water over a bed of stones and a rain curtain. Inspired by Henri Rousseau's famous picture 'Forest landscape with setting sun', 147 glass plates in 60 different colours clothe the organically shaped room. Four large shower plates provide showers of different intensity — from fine drizzle to warm steady rain to storms and downpours.

Alpine waterfalls: 18 °C
Tropical rain: 38 °C
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