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SalzReich – experience salt water with all your senses

The health-promoting effect of salt water and its positive influence on muscles, joints, airways and the skin were uncovered and cherished during the previous century. The interaction of the healing salt water with the pleasant warmth and humidity in the SalzReich enables guests to relax and regenerate in a healthy manner. We invite you to experience the exceptional atmosphere of the Rheinfelder Natursole® with all your senses.

Salt water inhalation: breathe in – breathe deeply – breathe out

A wall of blackthorns forms, a so-called thorn house, forms the heart of the salt water inhalation. The salt water is finely spread over the thorn wall, creating similar climatic conditions to those on the sea coast. Inhaling Rheinfelder Natursole® has a cleansing and regenerating effect on the airways. An optimal effect is achieved by taking slow, deep breaths.

Salt water Vitalbath: feel a salt experience on your skin

In the Vitalbath, salt water pours down a large marble wall and forms glittering salt crystals, which evoke delightful effects in subdued light. At a room temperature of approx. 50° C and up to 100 % humidity, the body perspires slowly and gently, and the skin’s pores open up. The salt is absorbed via the skin, cleans and disinfects, provides it with minerals and gives it a sense of radiance.

Guests wearing bathing attire are permitted to enter the SalzReich.

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