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"Birch ritual" in the Russian Banya

The authentic "birch ritual" is a particularly special experience. This almost two-hour ritual takes place in addition to regular sauna operation in the Russian Banya several times a week in small groups of 6 up to 12 persons. Our specially trained personnel, the 'banschiki' lead you through the ritual. Following the first sauna session, which traditionally begins with a swig of vodka, the traditional wenik massage is carried out in the second session which involves the body being struck with fresh birch twigs that stimulate circulation, leaving a good feeling thanks to the ethereal oils of the birch leaves. You are spoilt with tea and small treats in the breaks between sessions. The salt-honey peeling in the third session cleans and cares for the skin.

During the "birch rituals", the Russian Banya is only accessible for guests who have reserved. To be sure that the sauna is not occupied, please check with reception, tel. +41 61 836 67 63.

The Russian Banya can also be rented individually for a "birch ritual". You can obtain further information by calling +41 61 836 67 63.

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