Parkresort Rheinfelden



Bellerive - not your ordinary fish restaurant

Singularly located right on the banks of Rhine River, Bellerive welcomes you with an ambience that is distinguished by its tasteful, classic interior and exudes hospitality, tranquillity and restfulness. During the summer months, we invite you to enjoy the immaculate weather on our Rhine Terrace, which will make you feel that you are vacationing in the Mediterranean (approx. from June through mid-September; note that the Bellerive restaurant will be closed after this time).

The menus reflect the seasons and present a new take on classic French cuisine. Our meals are a feast for both your palate and your eyes. Enjoy fine, varied specialities e.g. from our 'outstanding' fish selection. Our menu even boasts roasted duck with orange-pepper sauce or Chateaubriand steak with sauce béarnaise. All creations crafted by our pastry chef are home made and will make your exquisite culinary experience complete.

You are sure to find your favourite wine on our comprehensive wine menu, which includes many top-tier wines and also allows you to order by the glass or 3/8 bottle. Let our service staff assist and spoil you, and you will find that none of your wishes ever remains unfulfilled.

Fish specialities of exceptional distinction

Our fish cuisine is now a bearer of the distinguishing “Tafelgesellschaft zum Goldenen Fisch” award, a blue panel with the golden fish signet. We put our whole and freshly caught salt-water fish - including monkfish, sea bass and sole - on display for your approval and prepare them exactly to your liking. Our menu also holds an extensive selection of self-caught sweet water fish, e.g. European perch, whitefish, and, of course, trouts from our own trout pond.

Trout from our own pond

Do you fancy a whole trout meunière or would a poached trout with melted butter make your taste buds tingle? Your wish is not only our command, but our inspiration - we will delve immediately into our in-house trout pond to catch the best fish for you. Bon Appetit!

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