Parkresort Rheinfelden


Slim and vital

Losing weight healthily and for the long-term is possible. It requires knowing some of the fundamentals concerning how our organism works, a healthy portion of discipline and staying power. It is often easier
to do this with a professional at your side giving you instructions than to go it alone.

Our concept is based on the following four principles:

  • Nutrition

    Determining the optimum number of calories required, tips for a balanced diet in accordance with the latest nutrition pyramids
  • Movement

    Individual programme: 2x a week strength and endurance, 1x a week endurance that burns fat
  • Relaxation

    Breathing and relaxation exercises that distract you from food cravings and ensure to inner stability
  • Motivation

    1 x per week weight check as well as a discussion concerning your motivation and objectives
Subscriptions Prices
3 month subscription supplementary charge (CHF 235.00) CHF 75.00
6 month subscription supplementary charge (CHF 380.00) CHF 140.00
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