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Taijichuan — an old Chinese art of movement, originally a martial art — is today used as an effective method to train body and soul. This form of movement is carried out continually and slowly without exertion. The flowing movement and natural breathing relax you, make you supple, give muscles a healthy tone and make internal organs run harmoniously. Sure footing and experimenting with your balance lead to inner stability and a feeling that both your feet are firmly on the ground. By constantly practising we can learn how to be more resilient in our daily life.


  • Consolidation and development of the Taijichuan movements/exercises
  • Refinement of the different exercises and flowing movements

Learning objectives:

  • Through continuous movement, you will learn how to achieve physical and mental well-being and harmony.
  • You will refine the sequences and carry out a number of complete Taijichuan forms

Run by:

Ms Magdalena Solari, dipl. Lehrerin der AlexanderTechnik SBAT, zertifizierte Lehrerin für Chen-Stil-Taijichuan CWTACH, dipl. Sozialpädagogin FH München


  Date Time Price (CHF) Location
Thu, 11.08.2022 - Thu, 29.09.2022 19:00h - 20:30h 280.00/8 lessons 1.5 h


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