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Core training — back stabilisation

Core training strengthens the body's core—the many muscles deep in the body's trunk that keep the body stable. Though above all it trains the musculature of the back, stomach and pelvic floor which gives the body a vital and straight posture. Such goal-orientated training can relieve back and joint pain.


  • Structure: Warming up, back training, stretching / relaxing
  • Practical exercises on posture, strength and mobility exercises, body perception and coordination exercises, relaxation techniques

Learning objectives:

  • Better body perception
  • Stronger back and stomach muscles
  • Improved posture
  • Improved breathing

Instructor on Monday / Wednesday:

Ms Brigitte Kramer, head coach for prophylactics and rehabilitation with a focus on posture and movement, Qualitop certification

Instructor on Thursday:

Ms Triza Günter, instructor with Swiss certificate of proficiency, Qualitop certification


  Date Time Price (CHF) Location
Wed, 10.08.2022 - Wed, 12.10.2022 08:00h - 09:00h 195.00/10 lessons Rheinfelden
Wed, 10.08.2022 - Wed, 12.10.2022 09:00h - 10:00h 195.00/10 lessons Rheinfelden
Thu, 11.08.2022 - Thu, 13.10.2022 14:00h - 15:00h 195.00 /10 lessons Rheinfelden


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