Parkresort Rheinfelden


About us

For over 150 years guests from all over the world have held the healthy baths in Rheinfelden Natursole® in high regard. In the beginning only guests from the privileged echelons of society could visit Grand Hotel DES SALINES to convalesce—today we have different guests with different needs. New trends have come gone. With a global attitude and a feel for the international market, Parkresort Rheinfelden has been on a path to success for more than a decade. Extensive modernisation over the past few years, a new name and a new appearance are our answer to the increasing demand for rest, relaxation, regeneration and wellness.

We are very proud that a place has developed from a blend of tradition and the future, a place that redefines well-being, enjoyment and the bathing experience. We want to impress you and we look forward to your visit.

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